The better you are at change,

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Brimstone helps leaders use change to deliver breakthrough results, develop their people, and align their organizations.



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Turning front-line leaders into change agents

A $15B+ global electronics distributor conducted a survey that showed widespread disengagement among employees in its 14 countries across Asia. Running parallel to the downward engagement trend was a slide in regional revenues and profitability.

Brimstone worked closely with the president of the region to define what a successful turnaround in engagement would look like, and how it could move the business. We then collaborated with her to design a Shared Leadership program that blended important strategic work for the region with country-level communication of key corporate messages around vision, mission and values. With a mandate to get results quickly (within 60-90 days), we gathered 50 leaders from 14 countries for a workshop in Hong Kong, where they learned the skills that would help them align their organizations around quantifiable goals, identify opportunities for top and bottom-line improvements, and spearhead implementation.

Armed with “Leader Kits” (which were translated into four languages), the executives returned to their countries to lead local meetings and launch projects that would help address the challenges identified in the employee engagement survey. After 60 days of project work, these change agents returned to Hong Kong to share solutions and implementation plans, program best practices and key messages from the field.

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Our latest thinking on topics related to change and leadership.

Building the team that can lead the transformation

At Brimstone, we’ve always been uncomfortable with the “consultant” label. The term connotes smart people who descend upon a business to dig up insights, conduct detailed analyses, and produce binders full of plans. As any of our clients will tell you, this does not describe what Brimstone does.

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Purposefully Creating A Reputation

A reputation is a powerful tool for leaders, and one that is often overlooked. Your reputation sets expectations. It establishes a frequency that allows people to tune in to your message. It communicates for you when you’re not in the room (how often have you channeled a colleague or mentor?). The most important thing to know about a reputation—your own and your team’s—is that it isn’t formed randomly. It emerges as a result of the way you think, act, learn, engage, and communicate—which are all things you can directly control. As you get more familiar with the way you are wired, you also gain the ability to purposefully shape (and reshape) your reputation.

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Leaders on Leadership: Defining a Vision, Adapting to Change

As the pace and complexity of doing business increases, tension can emerge between steadfast commitment to a company’s vision and the organizational flexibility that may be required to pursue that vision. More than ever, guiding an organization toward desired outcomes requires a variety of leadership skills – and the ability to recognize which skills to employ in each situation.