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Brimstone helps leaders leverage change to deliver breakthrough results, develop their people, and align their organizations.


Brimstone In Action

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Turning front-line leaders into change agents

A $15B+ global electronics distributor conducted a survey that showed widespread disengagement among employees in its 14 countries across Asia. Running parallel to the downward engagement trend was a slide in regional revenues and profitability.

Brimstone worked closely with the president of the region to define what a successful turnaround in engagement would look like, and how it could move the business. We then collaborated with her to design a Shared Leadership program that blended important strategic work for the region with country-level communication of key corporate messages around vision, mission and values. With a mandate to get results quickly (within 60-90 days), we gathered 50 leaders from 14 countries for a workshop in Hong Kong, where they learned the skills that would help them align their organizations around quantifiable goals, identify opportunities for top and bottom-line improvements, and spearhead implementation.

Armed with “Leader Kits” (which were translated into four languages), the executives returned to their countries to lead local meetings and launch projects that would help address the challenges identified in the employee engagement survey. After 60 days of project work, these change agents returned to Hong Kong to share solutions and implementation plans, program best practices and key messages from the field.

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What We Do

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The starting points of change

We most often work with companies at the starting points of change—key events that raise some big questions for the organization. For example, redefining a strategy might call into question the alignment of the leadership team. The rapid growth of a business might reveal weaknesses in a culture. A new product, capability, or acquisition can force an organization to rethink some of its fundamental processes. Introducing a new leader can reveal problems with communication, trust, and accountability. At these inflection points, an outside perspective can be the key to accelerating change.

At Brimstone, our role is to use perspective and process to help our clients think through their challenges in new ways. Our goal is to teach organizations the skills that will help them answer those big questions for themselves. The work we do addresses the most pressing business needs, but through a process that develops our clients’ capabilities along the way.

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These are a few of the companies we have partnered with:


Mark Moon

Executive Vice President,
President, Sales & Product Operations, Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions

"I chose to work with Brimstone because they think about consulting differently. The big strategy firms bring all sorts of analysis, but we already know most of what they have to tell us, because we are experts in our own business. Brimstone doesn’t try to solve our problems for us–that’s our responsibility. Brimstone helps us to solve our problems for ourselves, as effectively and quickly as possible."


Our latest thinking on topics related to change and leadership.

Building the team that can lead the transformation

At Brimstone, we’ve always been uncomfortable with the “consultant” label. The term connotes smart people who descend upon a business to dig up insights, conduct detailed analyses, and produce binders full of plans. As any of our clients will tell you, this does not describe what Brimstone does.

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Lessons From The Back Porch

By Dave Roberts

Helping leaders show up in new ways is a theme that runs through everything we do at Brimstone. We believe great leadership is at the heart of successful business transformation. But how does someone become a great leader? It’s a question that a lot of smart people have explored over the last several decades. And there is no shortage of answers that have been offered up.

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The Rock is the Teacher

A large part of Brimstone’s heritage comes from Outward Bound, where I, along with several members of the firm, ran Action Learning leadership programs.

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