What’s in a logo?

What’s in a logo?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

by Bob Weiler

We often get questions about what inspired us to name our firm Brimstone Consulting Group and our new logo. So, we wanted to share the thinking behind both our name and our visual identity because they are tightly connected to the way we work.

Brimstone is another name for sulfur, which early alchemists used as a catalyst in their work. Acting as a catalyst and accelerating change is core to the work we do. But the name Brimstone has another meaning for us. Brimstone Island is a small, uninhabited island on Penobscot Bay, Maine, lying between Vinalhaven and Isle au Haut Islands. There it receives the full energy of the northeast winter storms. The island is known for its two beaches filled with stones that these storms have smoothed and polished over the years, many revealing the layers of minerals and sediment that formed the rock over time. Our logo is based on the stones found on the beaches of Brimstone Island, with the striations representing the process of convergence that the change process drives toward.

The stones of Brimstone Island have been used over the years as ballast in the holds of ships, and more often, these days, as wishing stones that are cast into the water to deliver a wish. All of these elements provide for a rich metaphorical landscape that speaks to who we are as a firm, and that informs the identity we have created. We are at our best in situations that are charged with the energy and activity of change. Our job is to focus this energy by helping leaders align and converge on a shared goal. We act as ballast for a team of leaders as we guide them through the honest, passionate, and often tough conversations required to reach alignment. And throughout the course of our work, we are constantly coaching leaders and helping them to smooth out the ways they show up with each other and with the organization.

Every December, we bring the team together in Camden, Maine. While it is a summertime destination for sailors exploring the islands of Penobscot Bay, during the winter months the mood outside changes. At last year’s gathering, we were greeted by a mixture of snow, rain, and high winds that provided the background music for our time together. As we talked about what the firm had accomplished over the last year, and the challenges we wanted to take on going forward, there was consensus that scheduling a pilgrimage to Maine in December provides a quick view into what Brimstone is all about.