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David Barash

David brings thirty years of experience creating and leading high growth private sector business ventures—typically ones with a strong social mission—such as Ben & Jerry’s and Burton Snowboards. His unique entrepreneurial talents help high growth companies navigate periods of significant change. David’s clients include Best Buy, Waste Management, 7-11, and Arrow Electronics, where he has worked with teams and organizations to transform operations and develop new growth opportunities. These transformational teams work across the enterprises from the CEO and executive staff to individual departments and divisions to achieve financial, marketplace and workplace culture results.

In addition to David’s work with Brimstone, he serves as Director of Business Development and is a member of the Executive Leadership Team for Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, the national leader in sustainable energy programming.

David has a BS in Education and Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont (UVM) and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at St. Michael’s College. He serves on the UVM MBA Board of Advisors and lives in Waterbury Center, Vermont with his family.


Hiking, canoeing, business innovation, gardening, reading


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