What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

We help leaders excel at change.

Brimstone helps leaders create roadmaps for change that put the vision for a future state in the context of all the moving parts required to make it real. We are guides on the journey who know what it takes to introduce a new strategy, and then align your organization around it. We connect the dots between what an organization wants to become and the actions required—at all levels—to get there.


We keep the business on track as it transforms.

To transform an organization, leaders must drive change at multiple levels—from defining a new strategy, choosing which metrics to monitor, putting in place new systems and processes, and helping teams embrace the behaviors that will drive success. Most important, leaders must establish the vision for the transformation and then coordinate the actions required to move in that new direction.

Brimstone helps clients in all aspects of transformation by leveraging three core capabilities: Leading & Managing Change, Process Consulting, and Developing & Coaching Leaders. While each of these areas can serve as a starting point for change, we add the most value when all three are employed simultaneously in a comprehensive change effort.


Organizations that can adapt to new realities and implement smart strategies gain a competitive advantage.

We help clients approach change with an eye on meeting their near-term goals and building the long-term capacity to adjust to (and anticipate) market shifts.


How work gets done is as important as what work gets done.

We help clients assess their processes and create disciplined operating systems that are aligned to the overall change process. This enhances the velocity of change, quality of results, and magnitude of outcomes.


For organizations to change, people must change–and teams must learn new ways of working.

We partner with leaders to deepen their ability to engage, observe, and direct their teams. We teach them constructive ways to hold each other accountable for leading in a way that matches the future vision for the business. Through this process, we build a shared expectation for what it means to be a leader that will increase the organization’s ability to deliver results.

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Starting Points

The starting points of change

We most often work with companies at the starting points of change—key events that raise some big questions for the organization. For example, redefining a strategy might call into question the alignment of the leadership team. The rapid growth of a business might reveal weaknesses in a culture. A new product, capability, or acquisition can force an organization to rethink some of its fundamental processes. Introducing a new leader can reveal problems with communication, trust, and accountability. At these inflection points, an outside perspective can be the key to accelerating change.

At Brimstone, our role is to use perspective and process to help our clients think through their challenges in new ways. Our goal is to teach organizations the skills that will help them answer those big questions for themselves. The work we do addresses the most pressing business needs, but through a process that develops our clients’ capabilities along the way.

Some of the key events that we help companies use as the starting points for deeper change include:

New Leader Assimilation—when a new CEO (or other C-suite leader) gets hired or promoted, we can help them accelerate their entry and get their hands firmly on the levers of the organization.

Executive Team Alignment—as leadership teams struggle to stay aligned in times of change, we help them practice the individual and team dynamics that will propel them to a new level of performance and maintain their alignment over time.

Culture Change—as an organization grows or changes, we help leaders to both explicitly define the values and behaviors that will unify a high-performance organization and to model those attributes in the ways they lead.

Leadership Transition—when leaders are two to three years away from retirement, we help them codify their leadership lessons and transfer them to the next generation so that the organization continues to thrive after their departure.

Scaling Leadership—as leaders rise up through an organization, we help them to develop new ways to lead others and to scale their leadership as they move further away from the front lines.

Large-Scale Change—as the speed of change increases due to globalization, new technology, disruptive business models, generational change, and other forces, we help clients learn to manage change with the same kind of discipline that great companies use to manage strategy.

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Purposeful actions combined with consistent messaging.

Successful large-scale change takes time, tenacity, and focused effort at multiple levels. Leaders must practice new ways of leading, and a workforce must understand, experiment with, and then integrate new ways of working. Brimstone helps clients identify the levers they can pull and the inflection points they can leverage to facilitate these shifts and drive continuous progress.

Planned Interventions

Sometimes, change requires breaking away from the familiar in order to explore difficult topics in new ways. Brimstone helps clients design and deliver Planned Interventions, which help leaders see their challenges through different lenses. This leads to new types of collaboration, deeper levels of candor, fresh thinking around complex issues—and builds alignment by creating a shared experience.

Leveraged Opportunities

Most corporate calendars are packed with meetings–some grand, others more intimate. Each of these interactions represents an opportunity to deliver a message, create an experience, and re-shape the conversation. Brimstone partners with clients to ensure these events advance the change agenda while delivering on their intended objectives.

Ongoing Communications

Any large-scale change initiative requires a compelling story—and a leadership team dedicated to re-telling it often. This narrative must help people understand why the change is necessary, what it will look like, and how each individual can contribute to the effort. We work closely with clients to develop clear, consistent communications strategies that ensure the right messages are delivered in the right sequence, and to the right audiences. We also help leaders to listen, gather feedback, and gain insights into how the change narrative is being understood and embraced.

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Building the team that can lead the transformation.

At Brimstone, we’ve always been uncomfortable with the “consultant” label. The term connotes smart people who descend upon a business to dig up insights, conduct detailed analyses, and produce binders full of plans. As any of our clients will tell you, this does not describe what Brimstone does.

As trusted advisors, our role is to ask good questions and help our clients think through issues and own the decision-making process. As process consultants, we help the organization learn to ask and answer its own strategic questions, while providing structure, processes, and best-practice approaches for addressing tough issues. As partners in leading change, we combine our expertise at managing large-scale change with our client’s unique leadership attributes and contextual realities to create a powerful team capable of driving transformation.

Our client’s success in achieving large-scale change–and Brimstone’s success in helping to shape and accelerate the process–is based on the depth of partnership between our two organizations. We work best with leaders who are committed to doing the work required to drive valuable and enduring change.

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Proven methods for accelerating progress.

While no two organizations are identical, the process of driving transformation follows certain patterns that are common to most efforts. Over the years, we’ve built a catalogue of proven programs and processes that we can customize to address specific client needs. This toolkit allows us to deliver highly customized programs that leverage best practices to accelerate change.

Senior Team Alignment Process

How an organization functions is a direct reflection of how its Senior Team works together. When this team is not aligned, the organization cannot be aligned—and performance suffers. Brimstone's Senior Team Alignment Process helps leadership teams achieve (and sustain) alignment around the organization's strategies, vision and values. This alignment drives better operating discipline, higher levels of trust, more open communication, and improved decision-making.

Performance Leadership

Once a Senior Team has attained alignment, its next challenge is finding ways to integrate that alignment deeper into the organization and translate it into real results. Performance Leadership allows the Senior Team to unleash its best and brightest employees on the business’s most pressing challenges and biggest opportunities. Performance Leadership creates a unique opportunity for the Senior Team to develop a core group of change agents to drive transformation throughout the organization.

Shared Leadership

Brimstone's Shared Leadership program increases front-line engagement by challenging employees to complete quick-cycle projects while living the organization’s leadership values. Participants receive coaching from senior executives and gain valuable leadership development opportunities. Sponsoring executives gain insights into the people in their organization and learn strategies for getting the most out of their teams. The business also benefits from the lessons, efficiencies, and top- and bottom-line results that the projects produce.

Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum is Brimstone’s proprietary curriculum framework that helps senior executives envision, design and deliver their master's course in leadership development. As important, the Leadership Forum provides senior executives with a platform for transforming the organization and delivering breakthrough financial improvements through a series of true action-learning experiences.

Executive Coaching

We believe that for organizations to change, people must change–and people will realize change more quickly when they engage a coach to provide support and structure. Coaching is a positive, transparent and customized investment in a leader's growth and development. It improves the chances of success for that individual, and ultimately for the organization. Brimstone coaches bring a disciplined process, a proven toolkit and a flexible approach to our engagements that is based on the client's specific needs and goals.

Insight Squad

Looking for a way to diagnose a complex problem within your organization or team? Brimstone’s Insight Squad is an approach that activates a small internal team of truth-tellers to conduct interviews and formulate insights on a specific topic. We’ve found that leaders within an organization are the ones most qualified to diagnose its problems and identify the root causes. Brimstone manages the process and participates in interviews, but it is our client’s people who lead the conversations and articulate the insights—and in the process, further develop their leadership capabilities.

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