Purposeful actions combined with consistent messaging.

Our approach drives results for organizations addressing critical and complex issues — leveraging change and driving transformation. Successful large-scale change takes time, tenacity, and focused effort at multiple levels. Leaders must practice new ways of leading, and a workforce must understand, experiment with, and then integrate new ways of working. Brimstone helps clients identify the levers they can pull and the inflection points they can leverage to facilitate these shifts and drive continuous progress.

Planned Interventions

Sometimes, change requires breaking away from the familiar in order to explore difficult topics in new ways. Brimstone helps clients design and deliver Planned Interventions, which help leaders see their challenges through different lenses. This leads to new types of collaboration, deeper levels of candor, fresh thinking around complex issues—and builds alignment by creating a shared experience.

Leveraged Opportunities

Most corporate calendars are packed with meetings–some grand, others more intimate. Each of these interactions represents an opportunity to deliver a message, create an experience, and re-shape the conversation. Brimstone partners with clients to ensure these events advance the change agenda while delivering on their intended objectives.

Ongoing Communications

Any large-scale change initiative requires a compelling story—and a leadership team dedicated to re-telling it often. This narrative must help people understand why the change is necessary, what it will look like, and how each individual can contribute to the effort. We work closely with clients to develop clear, consistent communications strategies that ensure the right messages are delivered in the right sequence, and to the right audiences. We also help leaders to listen, gather feedback, and gain insights into how the change narrative is being understood and embraced.


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