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We help leaders excel at change

For more than 40 years, we have worked side by side with extraordinary leaders to help them spur changes and drive transformation in their organizations, businesses, and industries.

Our approach draws on our experience as former leaders, our experience as consultants, and weaves together best practices in action learning, process consulting, change, and leadership development. It is results-oriented, practical, flexible, and hands-on.

Our success is grounded in the relationships we build with clients, our approach, and our people.

Our Values

  • Be of Service

We do the job that needs doing; we are genuine in our offer to help; we see the client’s needs as our needs; we deliver “Bagels to Boardroom.”

  • Pursue Excellence

We show up, always; we handle the details; we help others be excellent; we are masters of our craft; we get results; we over-deliver; we deliver unique value.

  • Partner Effortlessly

We work to be inclusive; we are easy to work with; we leave our ego at the door; we seek to include others; we collaborate and cooperate.

  • Give Generously

We give of ourselves; we demonstrate concern; we act with a spirit of respect and good intentions; we are generous in service to others.

  • Have Guts

We lead with the head and the heart; we help others have the appropriate and necessary conversations; we tell the truth as we see it, with respect; we have the conversations that others avoid.

  • Stay Curious

We are interested in people and experiences; we are open to the new; we have an adventurous spirit — we show it, and share it; we stay relevant.

  • Bring Out the Best

We strive to bring out the best in ourselves, in others, in our world; we try to live healthy and balanced lives; we strive to be accountable for our decisions and actions; we work to be authentic and build trust; we try to energize others in every interaction.

Lighthouse Statement

Lighthouse: 1. an illuminating beacon that guides mariners (travelers) safely through uncertainty 2. A coastal structure that provides permanence and presence to those seeking to understand where they are. 3. A metaphorical destination ever on the horizon.

We will be a dynamic, vibrant, enduring community and business that allows each of us to:

  • Work with colleagues we trust, respect, and believe in;
  • Partner with leaders that build mutual trust and respect, and who are as willing as we are to work on becoming better leaders;
  • Deliver solutions that are unique, different, and that we know make an impact on people;
  • Create positive business results for our clients, our Company, and our Brimstone Community;
  • Balance doing everything we can for clients with taking care of ourselves and our families;
  • Live our own authentic, purposeful, adventurous lives.

We will navigate to our Lighthouse by:

  • Becoming the very best at accelerating business results and achieving the goals of the leaders we serve;
  • Building our reputation as go-to resources for expertise in leadership, alignment, change, and process;
  • Growing the network of people and organizations we have relationships with and do business with;
  • Upgrading the way we run our business, support our clients, and enable our team;
  • Working hard to stay true to our Brimstone Values.

Change Agents

Brimstone, an island off the coast of Maine, is known for its two beaches of black basalt stone. The stones have been smoothed and polished from years in the North Atlantic surf. Distinguished by their smooth feel, unique shape, hardness, and deep luster, these stones have been used over the years as ballast in the holds of ships and as wishing stones.

Brimstone is also a name for Sulphur, the principal ingredient used by medieval alchemists trying to change metal into gold. At Brimstone we embrace these two images: We are unique and strong change agents who gracefully endure the forces that resist change.

Our logo is inspired by the island’s stones, whose striations represent the convergence that results from the change process.

We are at our best in situations charged with the energy and activity of change. Our job is to focus this energy by helping leaders align and converge on a shared goal along with clearly defined roles to create a process for accelerating the business organization and developing its leaders.

We help leaders create the right process for taking themselves and their teams through the honest, passionate, and often tough conversations required to reach alignment. And throughout the course of our work, we are constantly coaching leaders and helping them smooth out the ways they interact with each other and with the organization.

Since 1998, Brimstone has been helping leaders accelerate growth, performance, and profitability by driving results, aligning teams, and developing their people into better leaders.

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