An experienced team focused on results

Our team is made up of highly skilled, senior-level consultants from a wide range of backgrounds—educators at top universities, serial entrepreneurs, former C-suite executives, and seasoned consulting experts. We bring maturity, candor, and a bottom-line focus to every engagement, along with our combined decades of business experience. We are passionate about our work, and this shows up in the energy, focus, and commitment we bring to every engagement.

Founder & Managing Partner

Bob Weiler

Managing Directors

Pam Delehey

Dyan Dyer

Bob Gordon

Michael Hornsby

Julie Johnson

Kate Lee

Dave Roberts, Ph.D.


Chris Carrigan

Sam Rioux

Tori Willauer


Mackenzie Renaud

Audrey Knowlton

Savannah Augunas

Paul Fagan

Natalia Galitskaya

Michael Krulin

Cameron McCurdy

Katie Weiler

Senior Partners

Sara Sheehan

José Gonzalez, Ed.D

Margie Gozdiff

Maura Bullock

Rossanna Wang

Peter Capozza

Jean Cholka

Mark Cross

Erin Deemer

Jenny Gumm, Ed.D.

Kay Hohn

Judy Ingalls

Ingrid Jackson

M.J. Jiaras, Psy.D.

Jeremy McNamara

Aaron Morehouse

Chris Olex

Jane Panicucci

Charles Pfeffer

Buffie Quinn

Jeremy Seligman

Guy Staff

Bill Supple

Neil Walsh

Kevin Wholey


Jim Alexy

Tony Contakos

Stephen Davidson

Jim Schultz

Terry Waters


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