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Jeremy McNamara

Jeremy is an experienced commercial leader who has worked effectively as CEO, CFO, COO, and Marketing Director. He has driven change and growth, led turnarounds, and delivered operational excellence predominantly in B2B services. He has a diverse blue-chip, private, and PE background spanning market research, information services, technology solutions, retail, and consulting.  Jeremy has extensive international business experience across EMEA, LatAm, USA, and Asia, and has lived and worked overseas. His career includes time at Mars Inc., GTECH Corporation, IRI, and Ipsos.

During his time at GTECH, Jeremy participated in a leadership development program led by Brimstone.

Jeremy’s core strengths are leadership and creating strategy, building teams, growing people and businesses, transformation, and financial acumen.

Jeremy has a passion for cars and is currently restoring an Alfa Romeo from the 1970s as well as being invested in an exciting electric sports car start-up.

Jeremy lives in Buckinghamshire, UK, and has two adult children and one granddaughter.


Free-thinking, trees, gardens, running, outdoors, Alfa Romeo cars, wood, restoration


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