Alignment is a catalyst for speed and a cornerstone for accelerated growth

Research accentuates the important connection between an aligned organization and an organization’s sustained performance. Aligned organizations grow faster, are more profitable, and perform better on indicators including customer retention, customer satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement than unaligned organizations.

The connection between an aligned organization and performance and profitability is unsurprising. When an organization is aligned, there is a shared understanding of purpose, and of the strategies, goals, and tactics that will make the organization successful. Organizational alignment energizes the organization and enables people to work together to achieve success.

What distinguishes high-performing organizations is staying aligned. Organizational alignment isn’t a destination – there is no finish line. Rather, organizational alignment is a continuous process and an unending journey. This is because internal and external conditions inevitably change – market realities shift, internal capabilities fluctuate, key personnel move up or move on—and leaders must respond to maintain alignment.

Accelerate performance and profitability

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Organizational alignment starts at the top

We work with leaders to align the organization to accelerate performance and profitability. Because organizations cannot hit “pause” to focus on organizational alignment, we use real-time business issues and strategic thinking to align on critical issues, operational plans, and key behaviors. The process is agile, fast, flexible, and time competitive.

When the leadership team is not aligned, the organization can’t get aligned. We help leaders align their leadership team by taking the team through Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment. Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment includes a series of one-on-one meetings and virtual workshops designed to identify barriers to alignment, foster communication, increase engagement, increase trust, drive better decision-making, improve operating discipline, promote individual leadership development, build the capabilities of high-performing teams, and align the organization.


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