Reenergizing an organization and accelerating growth


Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment energizes an organization and increases the stock price by 170%

A multinational biopharmaceutical company brought in a new CEO to improve operational efficiencies and accelerate growth. The organization was emerging from a crisis involving the safety of a recently released drug. The CEO immediately recognized the need to improve the culture and reenergize the organization. To support this change effort, the CEO engaged Brimstone to help embed the desired culture and rethink and refresh the organization’s strategy starting with the executive leadership team and enterprise strategy and then rolling out a similar process to the other business division.

Critical to strategy development was bringing the executive leadership team together and getting aligned on the Market Realities with customers (buyers and payers), competitors, suppliers/partners, macro-economic and regulatory, and the key strategic imperatives. Brimstone led the executive leadership team through our Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment process. In addition, Brimstone provided the structure and framework for the team to develop an actionable strategy, our Strategic Business Framework.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment is Brimstone’s proven methodology to help organizations gain – and sustain – the coordination, collaboration, and clarity that deliver results. It aligns the senior team by clarifying strategy, setting the stage for strategy implementation by engaging and aligning the organization, and driving the senior team to high performance.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment helped the executive leadership team increase trust, establish operating mechanisms, and unify the group around a single strategic view of the business and its future. As part of the Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment, Brimstone facilitated the process through which the leadership team worked together to create a Strategic Business Framework.

The executive leadership team engaged with the rest of the layers of the organization in this strategic alignment process by cascading the Strategic Business Framework and incorporating their feedback in the strategy, building ownership, buy-in, and speed to execution.

Recognizing the impact of this process, the CEO engaged Brimstone to do a similar engagement with the organization’s Global Group, their US Group, the HR Group, and Operations Group.

Further, Brimstone partnered with the organization to hold two leadership summits. The leadership summits brought together the organization’s top 200 people and focused on leadership development, strategy, and alignment. Most importantly, it built a coalition of change agents across the organization and was a true force multiplier.

To further sustain and build the culture and drive the strategic initiatives, cohorts of high potential leaders participated in a Brimstone-designed Leadership Forum, a capstone program designed to develop c-suite potential talent from within the organization. Over two years, 10% of the organization’s top leaders participated. The impact of this program was significant. The majority of program participants have either risen to more senior-level positions in the organization or have gone on to C-Suite positions in other organizations.


The organization’s engagement rates increased significantly following the work with Brimstone. Further, the leadership teams gained alignment on the strategy and strategic direction of the organization. This supported the culture change and increased the organization’s stock price by 170%, along with the rollout of two breakthrough drugs and associated treatments. The organization’s energy and confidence were back, well founded, and palatable.


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