Agile Strategy Enables Significant Growth


Agile strategy leads to 220% increase in revenue

The CEO of a family-owned construction company recognized that an outside, objective perspective would be valuable to the future and growth of the company. After exploring several options, the CEO chose to engage Brimstone based on a recommendation and introduction by a former Brimstone client.

Brimstone began working with the organization by conducting an organizational assessment and diagnosis. The organization had recently completed a series of acquisitions, and with these acquisitions had grown the revenue to $250 million. The assessment identified short-term and long-term opportunities for additional strategic acquisitions, and the need to invest in the organization itself to realize further growth.

The organization had never undertaken strategic planning and did not have a strategic plan in place. Further, the organization had not invested in leadership development nor was there a common leadership language.

Following the assessment, Brimstone began by working with the leadership team to develop a comprehensive strategy. Through Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment, the structure, support, and outside perspective necessary for the leadership team to work together to build a 3-year actionable strategy. A critical part of the process and outcome was an aligned team.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment is Brimstone’s proven methodology to help organizations gain – and sustain – the coordination, collaboration, and clarity that deliver results. It is designed to align the senior team by clarifying strategy, setting the stage for strategy implementation by engaging and aligning the organization, and to drive the senior team to high performance.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment helped the leadership team increase trust, establish operating mechanisms, and to unify the group around a single strategic view of the division and its future. As part of Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment, Brimstone facilitated the process through which the leadership team worked together to create a Strategic Business Framework. Brimstone provided The Strategic Business Framework outlines objectives and measures and, more importantly, it prioritizes the strategic imperatives and outlines exactly what the team needs to do to succeed. The Strategic Business Framework ensures the entire team owns the strategy.

The leadership team then went through Brimstone’s Business Acceleration Teams. Business Acceleration Teams address the most critical issues facing the organization while changing the way people work and by developing new leadership capabilities. The outcome of the engagement was a strategy that included investment in leadership development and upscaling talent to support and accelerate growth.

Brimstone partnered with the organization to build organizational development and leadership development capacity. Further, Brimstone worked with each division to develop strategic plans that aligned with the overall strategy and long-term goals of the organization.

To ensure successful execution, part of the Brimstone process is to engage the leadership team with the organization by cascading the strategy and implementation plan.

As the organization moved forward with acquisitions as outlined in the strategy, Brimstone worked with the organization on integration, building one culture, and identifying operation synergies and efficiencies.

Additionally, Brimstone partnered with the CEO to hold an annual leadership summit. The summit brought together the top 100 leaders of the organization and focused on leadership development, alignment, strategy, and engagement.

Over the next ten years, Brimstone’s role evolved into one of Trusted Advisor. As Trusted Advisor, Brimstone engaged with the organization at inflection points for the organization and provided executive coaching to the organization’s leadership team.


  • The organization has grown to become a fully integrated corporation with a revenue of over $800 million and more than 3,000 employees.
  • The organization was able to realize this growth because of its commitment to change and investing in the organization itself.

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