Supporting Leaders as They Lead During Crisis


Supporting leaders as they lead through crisis

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a President and Vice President of a division within a leading health services company engaged Brimstone to bring together senior leaders who had participated in a previous leadership development program. The goal of the program was to support these leaders as they led through the crisis.

The alumni program consisted of 43 participants who were divided into two cohorts. Each cohort participated in six sessions divided into themes around leading self, leading others, and leading change.

Participants identified the areas where they needed help as they navigated large teams experiencing significant change and challenge during the? pandemic. The sessions were designed around the needs they identified. In addition to their individual learning, each cohort identified a change project they would undertake together to enhance organizational effectiveness in the new and unfamiliar environment.

The program provided support, structure, and learning for leaders at a time of crisis. Further, the program taught how to manage personal and organizational resilience, enabling better techniques to help quickly adapt, recover, and stay engaged when facing stress, uncertainty, and disruptive change.


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