Helping a private equity backed CEO stem losses & position for growth


Brimstone helped turn this company around. For private equity investors, the Company transitioned from a portfolio problem to a platform for significant value creation.

Brimstone connected with the CEO, a former Brimstone client, as he was taking the reins at a mid-tier marketing technology company with private equity backing.

The CEO’s mandate was to quickly stem losses and accelerate growth. The company had a positive reputation for service but was stalled out on its ability to add revenue and efficiently bring additional products to market in a rapidly consolidating space. Operations reflected haphazard integration of acquisitions. Organizational structure was not optimized.

And ultimately, the business had been through several tough rounds of cost-cutting resulting in a staff that was both stretched and demoralized.

Brimstone worked with the CEO and Leadership Team to build a strategy and enhance the organization’s ability to execute. Brimstone provided 1:1 coaching as the team developed a Strategic Business Framework.

Due to company’s scale and the immense pressure on the business from the investors, Brimstone designed a modified project team approach, which included elements of our Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment and Performance Leadership in the form of Business Acceleration Teams to enable the execution of each of three specific strategic initiatives in a rapid 90-day sprint.


With Brimstone’s Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment and Business Acceleration Teams, the CEO turned around the business, improved engagement and in the process created a platform for both organic and in-organic growth. Specific results included:

  • Developed a repeatable vertical growth strategy including market identification, assessment criteria, and implementation framework. This strategy provides a clear path to organically doubling the business in 5 years and delivering 20% growth from identified new markets in 18-20 months.
  • Re-engineered the company’s core data assets to better address the needs of an evolving market landscape and to deliver a 12.75% increase in EBITDA from existing assets.
  • Identified and delivered operational efficiencies across the organization which delivered 10% in expense reduction through elimination of duplicate work efforts and optimization of systems- not through headcount reductions.

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