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Revenue doubled through leadership development and organizational alignment

A third-generation family business with an annual revenue of $500 million+ did not have the leadership capacity nor the organizational alignment necessary for sustained growth. By developing and aligning its leaders, Brimstone helped the organization develop a strategy for growth.

A third-generation family business in the construction industry was poised for growth but recognized it did not have the leadership capacity or organizational alignment necessary. On the recommendation of a previous Brimstone client, the company turned to Brimstone for help.

Brimstone took the organization’s C-suite through the Senior Team Alignment Process (STAP). This helped unify the group around a single strategic view of the business and its future. The team worked collaboratively to create a Strategic Business Framework that highlighted the key objectives and measures for the organization.

Brimstone then took each division through the STAP and selected high-performing, high-potential leaders to participate in a Performance Leadership (PL) initiative. Through these processes, Brimstone helped the organization to develop leaders, build succession plans, and align the organization at local and enterprise levels.

Additionally, Brimstone coached leaders at the C-suite level and below through strategy in partnership with the organization’s HR department.


The organization’s senior leadership team made significant strides in developing their capacity to formulate strategy and lead change.

  • In the six years following Brimstone’s engagement, the organization doubled its revenue and successfully acquired and integrated four businesses.

Further, the organization adopted effective mechanisms for driving and tracking strategic implementation.

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