How an early-stage consumer goods organization increased revenue by 34 times


Revenue increased by 34 times.

Brimstone worked side-by-side with an early-stage consumer goods organization to pursue its vision, build a strategic plan, develop roles and operating mechanisms, and to drive sustainable growth at a challenging inflection point. During the engagement, the organization increased revenue by 34 times.

After a decade of growing organic herbs and vegetables and raising farm animals, a family-run New England farm decided to pivot and produce high-end functional CBD products. This pivot required the organization to change its business model from wholesale agricultural commodities to the production and retail of consumer goods.

The organization’s promise and proof of concept were clear, but the necessary infrastructure to scale the business was lacking. While the organization had strong core values and a revitalized product, its retail strategy and brand were underdeveloped. Further, many key operational mechanisms, such as cash flow, roles and responsibilities, market strategy, financing, inventory management, were not yet in place.

Brimstone engaged with the organization on strategic goals that included bolstering management capabilities, acquiring talent, and developing leadership at the business’s early stage, as well as on immediate tactical priorities such as raising capital, establishing a brand, and navigating compliance.

Brimstone took the organization’s leadership through the Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment with the general purpose of ensuring sustainable growth for the accelerating business and facilitated the process through which the leadership team worked together to create a Strategic Business Framework.

Brimstone used the GRPI (Goals, Roles, Processes, and Interpersonal Relationships) process with the organization to frame planning. Brimstone also used assessment processes and provided ongoing coaching to the co-founders of the organization.

Further, a senior Brimstone consultant was installed as the interim CEO to help establish and oversee the business’s fundamental operating mechanics, including communications, product development, finance, investor relations, and standards and operating procedures.


Working together, Brimstone and the client distilled the innate purpose and values of the company into a cohesive, wellness-focused brand image, which in turn informed retail strategy. Additionally, the interim CEO facilitated the setup of essential operations that enabled the company to scale as it continued to grow.

During the engagement, the organization increased revenue by 34 times.


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