Becoming a Sales Leader


The beauty and personal care division of a global packaging company increased sales by aligning the leadership team, establishing operating mechanisms, and establishing accountability

The interim president of the beauty and personal care division of a global packaging company engaged Brimstone to build an aligned and high-performing team of motivated leaders who could not only implement the strategic plan, but also lead and transform the division.

In the six months since the president of the division had left, market pressures had mounted across the organization. These pressures combined with the leadership transition had brought to the surface critical issues including a lack of role clarity, little to no trust amongst the leadership team, and the absence of operating mechanisms. The result was numerous obstacles that were impeding the operation and success of the division.

Consultants tend to go into an organization and say, ‘this is the answer.’ This approach doesn’t work. ‘The answer,’ typically sits on the shelf and change does not happen. Brimstone takes a different approach. Brimstone works with leaders and with organizations. The Brimstone process is built on engagement and on multi-level feedback. It truly involves the entire team.  The result is lasting transformation. – Interim Division President


The division prioritized certain segments of the business.  Within one year, sales in these segments grew by nine percent. This was driven by the radical improvement in the division’s alignment, trust, and team performance, as well as clarification of roles and establishment of ground rules and operating mechanisms.

The division reduced emphasis on less profitable segments of the business. These segments were later sold.


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