Transforming Information Technology at a Large State Agency


The office of information technology that serves agencies across a state government system set a goal of becoming a high-performing and customer-centric service provider.  The CIO sought to build a self-sustaining cultural dynamic that would enable the organization to become a preferred provider of IT services to its agency partners, one of the top IT employers in the state, and a recognized expert in the field.

Working with the technology organization leadership, Brimstone designed a comprehensive, integrated approach to create context-specific solutions for the organization. The solutions were tailored to incorporate Agile principles, methods, and tools. Because Agile takes different forms in different organizations, Brimstone worked with the client to ensure the solutions reflected their unique application of Agile.


  • The technology leadership team is aligned on the need for transformation and the Case for Change
  • The technology leadership team has aligned around a Strategic Business Framework and has cascaded it through the organization
  • The Business Acceleration Teams process has driven rapid progress on four critical initiatives related to the organization’s workforce, service management approach, innovation practices, and customer experience
  • The CIO has reorganized the leadership team and built a leadership council that includes members from the agencies served
  • The customer agencies are experiencing the technology organization in new ways, more as true business partners, much more proactive, and much more forward thinking.

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