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Chris Olex

Chris Olex is a speaker, trainer, and facilitator specializing in personal, leadership, and team development. Relying on knowledge gained from all levels of the client experience — from client management to custom program design to professional presentation — she works in partnership with a wide range of clients to deliver thoughtful engagements serving 1 to 500 participants.

As a guiding principle, Chris invites individuals to increase their self-awareness through experience, dialogue, and reflection so they can more fully understand how they show up in the world and impact other people.  Chris strives to create a-ha experiences which transform assumptions, thinking, and ultimately behavior so this can happen.  Courage, vulnerability, trust, empathy, and difficult conversations are some of her favorite topics to explore.

Chris utilizes a variety of teaching methodologies, particularly experiential learning, as a means to help clients fully connect training content to direct application in the workplace and in their personal lives.  Chris believes in the power of assessments for self-discovery, and is a certified trainer for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, DiSC™, Emotional Intelligence, and Enneagram™.  She delivers training sessions on StrengthsFinder™ from the Gallup organization, and is continually fascinated by all the latest work on the brain and neuroscience.  Chris is a certified Coach through the ICF and a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator of Brené Brown’s work focusing on courage.  She also runs a scoring center and consults on the Denison Organizational Culture and Leadership Development surveys.

A sample of Chris’ clients and partners include:  Harvard Business School, Colgate Palmolive, Consolidated Energy of New York City, Partners Healthcare, MIT Sloan School, Earth Science Women’s Network, and the DISSCRS symposiums on Climate Change.


Courage, grit, hike your own hike, ‘why not?’, and ‘what’s the point?’


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