Thinking holistically about integrating ESG across the organization

By Bob Gordon

An Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy is a cornerstone to accelerating impact and financial growth goals. A forward-looking ESG strategy deepens customer relationships and loyalty, improves the ability to attract and retain talent, reduces regulatory risk, increases the ability to attract capital, and results in increased resilience driven by a more nuanced understanding of stakeholder expectations.


Critical is connecting the dots between sustainability risks and opportunities, investor demands, government regulations, finance, and business operations to think holistically about integrating ESG into every company function. This is where we come in. We partner with you and your team to help you develop and execute an ESG strategy that will deliver meaningful impact – now and for the long-term.


Your Strategic Partner

We partner with extraordinary leaders to move from strategy to execution and uncover the pivot points for true business growth and transformation. Our methodology aligns leadership goals with business capabilities at all levels to change how work gets done, energize change-makers, and accelerate growth, performance, and profitability.


We will help you navigate the regulations, challenges, and opportunities of ESG. And we will work with you to define, leverage, and strengthen your position in the marketplace.


Our Solutions

We offer a full complement of services that will enable you to realize the value of ESG and accelerate growth: advisory, senior leadership team alignment, business acceleration teams, leadership development, leadership forums, and search.


Our Results

Let’s take the example of a life science company with a revenue of $1 billion+. The Director of Sustainability was tasked with designing her division’s first sustainability strategic business framework, which, if successful, would be duplicated and implemented across the enterprise. 


Brimstone partnered with the Director of Sustainability and her team to conduct a diagnostic protocol and to develop a Strategic Business Framework. This process provided the platform for the leader to create an operating model to accelerate the company’s adoption and execution of sustainability initiatives. This was key to embedding and activating an authentic ESG mindset across the organization.


Within three months, the Director of Sustainability successfully aligned the senior leadership team on sustainability priorities to execute, accelerated progress on “quick wins” and short-term priorities, and launched an approach to engaging and involving the broader organization in sustainability strategy execution.


Another example is that of a global agricultural sciences company. The client engaged Brimstone to partner with its Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) to build an enterprise-wide Global Sustainability Roadmap that would enable the company to achieve its sustainability goals.


Brimstone partnered with CSO and their team to build a Global Sustainability Roadmap that fosters:


  • Alignment: Aligns leaders (and ultimately the entire organization) on sustainability priorities for the next 12 months and beyond
  • Accountability: Drives shared accountability at the leadership level for critical initiatives – and provides a means of tracking progress against those initiatives
  • Prioritization: Forces difficult decisions about what’s most important to accomplish – and what can be delayed, shelved, or decommissioned
  • Communication: Enables leadership to share the organization’s priorities with the organization – and engage in dialogue about those priorities

This collective set of activities has built enterprise-wide engagement in the effort, and forward momentum is helping the organization continue to drive progress toward its sustainability goals.

Case Study

Building a Sustainability Business Framework

Case Study

Building a Strategic Roadmap


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