Together, we denounce racism and injustice

Bob Weiler By Bob Weiler

Together, we need to step up to denounce racism and injustice with one voice.

I am heartsick over the death of George Floyd. My colleagues and I at Brimstone stand proudly in solidarity with those who protest the status quo in our nation, and call for greater social justice in spite of violent backlash. What is happening – and what has happened, for far too long – impacts us all and calls for every one of us to be accountable: in understanding more, listening more, leading more, and doing more to right the balance.

The endemic racism, injustice, and inequality that have been further exposed in our nation by COVID-19 and by recent events in Minneapolis and across the US run contrary to the core beliefs and values we hold dear at Brimstone – that no one should be subjected to unjust or unequal treatment because of who they are, what they believe, where they live, or what they look like.

We raise our hearts to support those who are hurting across our country, some for far longer than many of us dared to recognize. We remain committed to advancing a culture that is inclusive, diverse, and strives for equity through our work internally and with leaders across the globe. Our nation is struggling. Together, we need to step up to denounce racism and injustice with one voice. Brimstone is adding ours.

On behalf of Brimstone Consulting,

Bob Weiler

Managing Founder


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