How Business Acceleration Teams Can Help You Get Results – Fast

By Bob Weiler

When faced with critical issues in the organization, a leader does not have the luxury of time.

When an organization is stuck, stagnant, or facing headwinds, swift action is needed. Too often, in these situations, we have seen leaders take a reactive approach and execute Band-Aid solutions. While the organization may realize immediate relief, the challenge -and additional challenges – typically remerge.

Through our work, what we have found to be effective is when leaders bring in high performers from across the organization to come together to identify the real problem, develop a solution, and work together on execution.

We have put a framework around this process to help leaders and organizations achieve results in a short timeframe, typically 90 to 120 days. Brimstone partners with clients to bring together the leaders and high performers from across the organization to form Business Acceleration Teams. With structured support and coaching, our clients realize measurable and sustainable results. Additionally, the process enhances leadership development and growth.

One example of where Business Acceleration Teams played a role in the transformation of an organization is that of a beauty and personal care division of a global packaging company. The interim president of division recognized that an absence of operating mechanisms, role clarity, and market pressures were impeding the operation and success of the decision.

After the leadership team went through the strategy and leadership team alignment process, they wanted to accelerate pieces of the strategic business framework. The leadership team selected 6 projects with 8 cross functional high performers from the organization that went through Brimstone’s Business Acceleration Teams. Business Acceleration Teams address the most critical issues facing the organization while changing the way people work and by developing new leadership capabilities. The outcome of the engagement was an executed and implemented strategy that included investment in leadership development and upscaling talent to support and accelerate growth.

Through the work with Brimstone, including the implementation of Business Acceleration Teams, the division prioritized certain segments of the business and within one year, sales in these segments grew by 9%. This was driven by the radical improvement in the division’s alignment, trust, and team performance, as well as clarification of roles and establishment of ground rules and operating mechanisms. Further, the division reduced emphasis on less profitable segments of the business. These segments were later sold.

Case Study

How Business Acceleration Teams Helped Increase Sales and Drive Results


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