Dave Barash: A Celebration of Life

By Bob Weiler

Dave insisted on living a purposeful, love-filled and joyous life.

Dave Barash

It is with great sadness I report the passing of our friend and colleague, Dave Barash.

Dave and I first met when we were students at the University of Vermont (UVM). Together, we built, taught, and led Wilderness Experiences, an outdoor orientation program for freshman. After UVM, Dave continued to devote himself to helping others as well as to developing and growing small businesses in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner.

Over his career, Dave worked with companies including Shelburne Farms, Ben and Jerry’s, Burton Snowboards, Autumn Harp, VT Energy Investment Corporation, Stonyfield Farms, Celestial Seasonings Tea Co., The Organic Cow, Vermont Mystic Pies, and Brimstone.

From the time Dave was diagnosed with cancer to the time of his passing, Dave kept a relentlessly positive outlook. In keeping with his approach to life, the narrower his pathway to recovery got, the more Dave insisted on living a purposeful, love-filled and joyous life. In our conversations, he spoke only of how grateful he was – for his family, his friends, for the life he had been afforded.

Dave’s energy, enthusiasm, irreverence, and humor were on the surface. Underneath, there was a superior intellect and drive. He had an unwavering commitment to business and entrepreneurship, particularly the social values and triple bottom line companies.

Dave was so many things to so many of us in different ways. One of his many gifts was the ability to work seamlessly, smoothly, and closely with so many people.

I am grateful for all that Dave taught, reminded and instilled in me.

We will miss Dave tremendously.  We hold his family in our thoughts and in our hearts.


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