Delegate? Not Necessarily

By Mark Cross

Enjoy the flight but the path to change begins with you

I laughed hard when I read this Marketoon by Tom Fishburne. There are grains of truth in much business satire. But in this case, there may be gravel pits of truth!

The most successful leaders are those who drive change and take action. They assume responsibility for their change agenda and truly driving different results. They may use consultants, experts, temporary teams, and yes, even interns, but they never fully delegate the work or the outcomes.

In helping leaders simultaneously deliver results, develop their people’s leadership capabilities, and align and transform their organizations, we at Brimstone follow these principles of change management:

  • Leaders who change, create change.
  • Leaders, not consultants, are responsible for driving change — by supporting leaders and organizations, we help embed decisions and create lasting outcomes.
  • Change is a capability that organizations can develop.
  • Succeeding at change requires a disciplined process.
  • The best answers to critical business issues often reside within your organization.

Here is a summary of our eight-step process for change management that drives leaders and organizations to different and better outcomes:


This process reflects the fact that fundamental and lasting change begins with leaders. It can never be fully delegated. Stated simply, change begins with you.

(images reproduced with permission)


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