Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a different kind of consulting firm.

At Brimstone, we are unified in our belief that leaders can transform their businesses by embracing a disciplined approach to change. This belief helps us take a deep dive into the complex and often messy work of change and uncover the pivot points for true transformation. By partnering closely with our clients, we transfer our skills and knowledge along the way so that leaders at all levels can learn to drive change on their own. We know we’ve done a good job when our clients don’t need us any more—and this mindset truly sets us apart.


Change is the new normal.

Bob Marcus and Bob Weiler founded Brimstone in 2001 with a shared belief that a business’s ongoing success depends on its ability to change—to adapt to new market realities, out-maneuver its competition, and develop strong leaders. The idea of transformation is embedded in our name (brimstone is another name for sulfur, which early alchemists used as a catalyst). It is also core to our mission of empowering organizations and their leaders to drive enduring change.

The roots of Brimstone tap into two different sources for inspiration. One is Outward Bound, where Weiler served as EVP of the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, the largest Outward Bound School in North America. The other is the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business where first Weiler and then Marcus served as director of the acclaimed Global Leadership Program, working closely with leadership expert Noel Tichy to build a cutting-edge executive development initiative. Their years studying, leading, and consulting to world-class companies led Marcus and Weiler to create a firm that uses change to deliver breakthrough results, develop leaders, and align organizations.

Today, Marcus and Weiler lead Brimstone’s team of over 30 senior-level consultants. From our headquarters in Camden, Maine, Brimstone has deployed team members around the globe to help some of the world’s most highly regarded companies across a variety of industries.