Driving Business Results

By Kate Lee

At Brimstone, our mission is to drive valuable results through enduring change that transforms organizations, develops leaders, and accelerates growth.

We help leaders change, grow, improve their performance, build aligned teams and organizations, develop their people, and foster the next level of leaders. We help leaders first transform themselves—and then their organizations. Our objective is always to help drive improved business results.

At Brimstone we work for organizations but engage with people. We develop relationships with individual leaders and help them design an approach to improving themselves, their people and their teams. For us to be effective, a leader must accept responsibility for their part of any situation, and “go first” in committing to making a change in action, behavior, or accountability. We build trust and partnership by guiding leaders through their own commitment to personal change—and then having them ask others to change with them.

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in experience and in the belief that to transform an organization, leaders must drive results by focusing simultaneously on these core elements:

Approach to Change

A Few Things We Believe

First and foremost, our work is about driving business results. Everything we do is directly related to creating business value.

Leaders must embody the change they want to see in their organizations. Others won’t sign up for change until they believe it’s for real and see it reflected in the actions and behaviors of their leaders.

Successful change requires a disciplined approach process.  To move a company from point A to point B, leaders need to learn how to drive change on multiple levels simultaneously.

The keys to transformation reside within your organization. We don’t show up with answers, but we do engage your leaders in the process of uncovering them.

Change is a capability, a mindset, and a strategy.  Great companies treat transformation as a core capability that they continually develop.

We are successful when we’ve transferred skills and knowledge into our client’s organizations – so that they don’t need external support for the next change effort.

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