Helping Leaders Excel at Change

By Kate Lee

Change is a constant theme for every leader, and a complex and often messy undertaking for their organizations. We have partnered with some of the world’s most respected leaders to bring a disciplined approach to transforming their businesses. The goal of every undertaking is to drive large-scale change that delivers breakthrough results, develops people, and aligns the organization.

Starting Points for Change

Key events raise some big questions for organizations. For example, redefining strategy might call into question the alignment of the leadership team. The rapid growth of a business might reveal weaknesses in a culture. A new product, capability, or acquisition can force an organization to rethink some of its fundamental processes. Introducing a new leader can reveal problems with communication, trust, and accountability. At these inflection points, an outside perspective can be the key to accelerating change.

Our role is to use perspective and process to help our clients think through their challenges in new ways. Our goal is to teach organizations the skills that will help them answer those big questions for themselves. The work we do addresses the most pressing business needs, but through a process that develops our clients’ capabilities along the way.

Some of the key events that we help companies use as the starting points for deeper change include:

Business Alignment

As the speed of change increases due to globalization, new technology, disruptive business models, generational change, and other forces, we help clients learn to manage change with the same kind of discipline that great companies use to manage strategy.

New Leader Assimilation

When a new CEO (or other C-suite leader) gets hired or promoted, we can help them accelerate their entry and get their hands firmly on the levers of the organization.

Executive Team Alignment

As leadership teams struggle to stay aligned in times of change, we help them practice the individual and team dynamics that will propel them to a new level of performance and maintain their alignment over time.

Scaling Leadership

As leaders rise up through an organization, we help them to develop new ways to lead others and to scale their leadership as they move further away from the front lines.

Change Culture

As an organization grows or changes, we help leaders to both explicitly define the values and behaviors that we will unify a high-performance organization and to model those attributes in the ways they lead.

Leadership Transition

When leaders are two to three years away from retirement, we help them codify their leadership lessons and transfer them to the next generation so that the organization continues to thrive after their departure.

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