The next six months will define you as a leader

By Bob Weiler

The past year has been an arduous journey. As a leader, you have had to navigate simultaneous health, economic, political, and social crises. Each of these crises impacting you, your family, and your employees personally. At the same time, you have had to guide your organization through uncertainty and constant change.

While the path forward may look clearer and more defined, now is not the time to rest or to go on autopilot. Now is not the time to put the innovation and agility of this past year aside and return to the status quo. It is not the time to put aside empathy or to pause learning.

Rather, now is the time to tackle the nascent issues that were accelerated by crises, to take advantage of new opportunities and new ways of thinking and working, and to focus on aligning and strengthening your organization.

Now is the time to focus on your team and on your team’s team; engaging and retaining your top talent is crucial.

What you choose to do over these next six months and over the next year will define you as a leader.


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