Why new CEOs should use Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment

By Bob Weiler

In 2021, the number of new CEO appointments rose dramatically. These new leaders are faced with the task of not only running the business / delivering results, but also rebuilding, reenergizing, and realigning organizations that have been possible fractured, siloed, and challenged over the past two years. Those leaders who stepped into a new organization that was not thriving during the pandemic, recognize the need to reset the goals / deliverables, align or realign the leadership team, and reenergize their new organization.

What’s more, each of these new CEOs knows that they must deliver results.

For more than forty years, we have partnered with CEOs when they join a new organization and/or when they make an internal move to CEO. Our process, Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment, uses tactical planning and strategic thinking to align the leadership team around the organization’s vision, and if necessary, their key strategic imperatives, critical issues, operational plans, and key leadership behaviors/values.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment includes a series of one-on-one meetings and workshops designed to identify barriers to alignment, foster communication, increase engagement, increase trust, drive better decision-making, improve operating discipline, promote individual leadership development, and build the capabilities of high-performing teams.

The process is iterative and engenders collective ownership not just within the Leadership Team, but also across the organization, because of our unique broad organizational cascade process. This accelerates execution, enhances employee engagement, and drives performance and profitability.

What’s more, Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment often serves as the springboard for additional transformation initiatives designed to cascade change throughout the organization and drive transformation.

Here’s what the President of a Global Division of a Global Manufacturing Company said about the process:

Shortly after I joined the company, I engaged Brimstone to work with me to develop a strategy to execution framework, align the senior leadership team, and drive the team to higher performance. I was so impressed by the Brimstone process and impact that when the company brought in a new CEO, I went to him and recommended that he engage Brimstone to accelerate his transition into the organization.

Given the progress we have made over the past year, by bringing in Brimstone at the time of his transition, the new CEO accelerated his learning about the team and the organization and to more quickly drive change.

Over the past year, Brimstone has worked with the CEO and the leadership team to push the business forward and change how we work together. Through the work we have done with Brimstone, we have been able to move from a hub and spoke model to a team-based approach to leadership and enabled engagement.


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