Here’s Why Succession Planning Matters

By Judy Ingalls

Fewer than 40% of organizations have a formal succession plan in place. The absence of a formal succession plan is significant. Poorly managed S&P 500 CEO and C-suite transitions result in annual losses of close to $1 trillion. Strong and smart succession planning can increase company valuations and investor returns by 20% to 25%. 

Critical to better succession planning is not just creating a plan, but also creating a plan well before an organization thinks it is necessary. 

Here are five reasons why organizations need to focus on succession planning: 

Avoid leadership gaps

Succession planning helps to avoid leadership gaps that may arise when key leaders retire, resign, or leave the organization. By having a pool of trained and qualified candidates ready to step into key roles, organizations can ensure continuity and minimize disruptions. 

Identify and develop talent

Succession planning enables organizations to identify and develop talented employees who have the potential to take on leadership roles in the future. This can help to retain top talent and ensure that the organization has a strong leadership pipeline. 

Reduce recruitment costs

By developing internal talent, organizations can reduce the need to recruit external candidates for leadership positions. This can help to save recruitment costs and ensure that new leaders are aligned with the organization’s culture and values. 

Improve employee engagement 

Succession planning can improve employee engagement by providing opportunities for career development and advancement. When employees see a clear path for their career growth within the organization, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work. 

Increase organizational agility

Succession planning can help organizations to respond quickly to unexpected leadership changes or market disruptions. By having a pool of talented candidates ready to step into key roles, organizations can adapt quickly to changing circumstances. 

Succession planning is essential for ensuring the long-term success of an organization. By identifying and developing internal talent, organizations can ensure that they have a strong leadership pipeline and are well-prepared for future challenges and opportunities. 



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