Right Now, You Need to Lead 

By Tony Contakos

I know you did not sign up for this current situation, but you did sign up for leadership. When you signed up for leadership, you made the choice to lead. Right now, you need to lead. 

More than ever, it is important not to overlook that everything you do makes a difference – especially the small stuff. Have empathy, act with kindness, and communicate.   

Balance the push and the pull. One is often more appropriate and takes more energy than the other. By being conscious of the mix you choose, you can display and leverage your leadership capabilities. 

When you embrace the basic tenants of leadership, and focus on aligning your team, you build a collective force that is moving in the same direction. This is powerful, especially in a time of crisis.  It makes your team feel safe, and helps you navigate through crisis and so you and your team can emerge, ready to move forward. Think, what’s next. Be innovative. Try something different. 

With the speed at which the pandemic is impacting and transforming our lives, the path forward may not be clear. Clearing the path or forging a new one may seem insurmountable. As challenging and as uncertain as it may seem, right now is when you need to take action. You make a mistake. You may need to alter your path. That’s ok. Leverage your mistakes and learn from them. What is important now is to act. 

Focus on your processgood process gives good results. Use change as a strategy and technology as an enabler. 

The work of Edgar Schein is in the scaffolding of our organization. We build relationships with our clients. We establish trust. We always ask how we can help. We do this because we see organizations and leaders as people and believe that helping is fundamental to alignment, change, and engagement.   

Ask how you can help your team. Ask how you can help your customers and clients. We are all in this together.  

At the same time, ask for help if you need it. Accept help if you are offered. There is no place for ego in leadership. 

Leadership is a differentiator. Balance people, process and profit. Right now, you need to lead. 


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