Accelerate to recovery with leadership team alignment

By Kate Lee

Aligning your leadership team will help drive the results needed to move your organization forward through recovery.

The alignment of the leadership team impacts growth, performance, profitability, and the ability of an organization to navigate change and disruption. An organization with an aligned leadership team will have a quantifiable advantage over its peers.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and teams have had increased demands on their time. Not only has the average length of the workday increased, but also many people have had to juggle caring for children who are home and/or sick family members. At the same time, they have been cut off from key relationships and sources of support, and everyone is dealing with the anxiety that comes from unprecedented uncertainty and disruption.

Stay at home directives have physically pulled people apart. Layoffs and restructuring have taken an emotional toll.

As leaders look to recovery and to the future, aligning the leadership team is critical.

We have been working with leaders to achieve accelerated results and (re)build a stronger, more agile organization, by taking their team through Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment.

Because organizations can not hit “pause” to focus on leadership team alignment, Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment uses tactical planning and strategic thinking to align the team around critical issues, operational plans, and key behaviors. The process is agile, fast, flexible, and time competitive.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment includes a series of one-on-one meetings and virtual workshops designed to identify barriers to alignment, foster communication, increase engagement, increase trust, drive better decision-making, improve operating discipline, promote individual leadership development, and build the capabilities of high-performing teams.

Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment is iterative and engenders collective ownership not just within the leadership team, but also across the organization. This accelerates execution, enhances employee engagement, and drives performance and profitability.

The linchpin of Strategy and Leadership Team Alignment is the Strategic Business Framework – an actionable framework that serves as the bridge to execution.

The Strategic Business Framework captures the organization’s key stakeholders, objectives, arching strategies, long-term strategies, short-term initiatives, and metrics to track performance.

Each strategy is “owned” by the entire leadership team while each initiative is “owned” by a member of the leadership team. Ownership ensures accountability and execution.

Captured on one to two pages, the Strategic Business Framework is accessible and actionable, making it easy to communicate across the organization and track what needs to get done.

While the future holds many unknowns, bringing your leadership team together (virtually or in-person) and focusing on alignment will increase your agility and will give you a competitive edge.


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