A Partner in Change and Transformation

By Kate Lee

As the COVID-19-pandemic unfolded, we were guided by our values, and we drew on our agility and resilience. We acted quickly to close our office, suspend travel, and help our people and our clients. We also worked quickly to reimagine and retool our programs for delivery via Zoom, Teams, and WebEx.

This past year has been one of accelerated transformation, learning, disruption, and change. The year highlighted our team’s strength, and it has enabled us to work together and with our clients in ways we had never imagined. We’ve grown as an organization, developed new programs, and have gotten to know each other’s children and pets. While the past year has been devastating in so many ways, there are silver linings, and there are people, accomplishments, and learnings that should be celebrated.

Between March 10, 2020 and March 10, 2021, our team spent 226 days working with clients. In all, we delivered 39 programs and worked with more than 2,000 people. In addition, we supported our clients with near-constant partnership and communication, informally and through executive coaching.

The days we didn’t spend with our clients were spent preparing for programs, focusing on our team, and recharging.

We look forward to continued work together, growing together, and being a partner in change and transformation.


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